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Get a detailed walk-through of the HackTheBox Crypto Decode challenge. Given two strings of information, this article guides you through the process of decoding a Fernet cypher and a Malboge cipher to reveal the flag. Utilize tools provided by and to achieve the solution.

Provided Files:

In this challenge you are provided two strings of information.




Walk Through:

At first glance it appears this is some sort of key and some cipher text. After searching around, you’ll find that it is a Fernet cypher. has a great tool to decode it for you.

The plain text from the above information gives you a base64 encoded string


To decode this, we’ll use the tool provided from

Decoding again gives you the following:


This was a new one for me. But you’ll find after some careful research that it is a Malboge cipher. Decoding it with this tool will give you the flag.

Flag Ex: