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What SimeonOnSecurity learned about and found interesting today

SimeonOnSecurity has been keeping up with the latest developments in the tech world. Today, he learned about XFS and its capabilities for backing up and restoring file systems. He found an informative article on the Red Hat website detailing the process and best practices for using XFS.

SimeonOnSecurity also updated his Shodan_PS repository on GitHub, which contains useful scripts for using the popular search engine for Internet-connected devices.

In terms of video content, SimeonOnSecurity watched several videos that piqued his interest. The first video, “The Secret History of Windows ZIPFolders” by Dave’s Garage, delves into the history and evolution of the compression format in Windows operating systems. Another video, “The 12 Linux Apps Everyone Should Know About” by DistroTube, highlights some of the most useful and versatile applications available for Linux users.

Additionally, SimeonOnSecurity watched a video by Gardiner Bryant discussing the game-changing features of PHP 8 and another by Linus Tech Tips about the worst money he has ever spent. Finally, Zack Freedman’s video, “FINISH YOUR PROJECTS in 2021 - Three Common Sense Strategies,” provided some practical tips for completing projects and staying focused.

All in all, SimeonOnSecurity has been keeping busy and informed with the latest developments in technology and is always on the lookout for new and interesting content to learn from


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