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What SimeonOnSecurity learned about and found interesting today

Today, SimeonOnSecurity learned about and found interesting topics related to NTFS tweaks and various repository updates.

In the world of file systems, NTFS is a commonly used file system for Windows. To enhance its performance and reliability, SimeonOnSecurity found a great resource on PonderWorthy discussing NTFS tweaks using fsutil. The article offers insight into how to optimize the NTFS file system for better performance and stability.

SimeonOnSecurity also updated multiple repositories, including setup-scripts, Windows-Optimize-Harden-Debloat , and Windows-Optimize-Debloat . These repositories contain scripts and tools to optimize, harden, and debloat Windows systems.

In addition, SimeonOnSecurity watched a number of videos related to information security and found them interesting. These videos include BHIS - Talkin’ Bout News 2021-01-06, Crosstalk Solutions - Cloud Key Firmware v2.0.24 - Major Update!, Hak5 - Burn-in Test Payloads, Hak5 - The 3 (or 4) P’s of Post Exploitation, Null Byte - One Way Hackers Can Perform Keystroke Injection Over Wi-Fi from a Smartphone, and The Linux Experiment - elementary OS is MORE than a Linux distribution…. These videos provide information on various topics in the field of information security and showcase new tools, techniques, and ideas in the industry.

NTFS Tweaks

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