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What SimeonOnSecurity learned about and found interesting today

SimeonOnSecurity recently learned about two topics in the field of computer security: CVE-2020-17049, also known as the Kerberos Bronze Bit Attack, and Windows Token-Based Activation.

The Kerberos Bronze Bit Attack, as explained in a series of blog posts by Netspi and in a post by Trimarcsecurity, is a vulnerability in the Kerberos authentication protocol. This vulnerability could potentially allow an attacker to compromise an Active Directory, which is a central repository for information about an organization’s users, computers, and other resources. The deployment of Kerberos S4U changes to address this vulnerability is discussed in a Microsoft support article.

Windows Token-Based Activation is a method of activating Windows products, as described in a Microsoft documentation article. The activation process is performed through the SLMGR.vbs script, as explained in a comprehensive article on A forum post on Microsoft Technet provides more information about Windows 10 Enterprise Token Based Activation.

CVE-2020-17049 - Kerberos Bronze Bit Attack:

Windows Token-Based Activation:

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