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Unveiling the Best GPS/GNSS Antennas for Onocoy and Geodnet: A Comprehensive Analysis


Navigating the sea of GPS/GNSS antennas in the ever-evolving landscape of Onocoy and Geodnet platforms demands a critical analysis. Through hands-on testing, we unveil the standout performers, scrutinizing their performance, value, and unexpected findings. Let’s dive into the world of satellite connectivity optimization.

The Best Antenna we Tested

  • L1/L2/L5 GPS, G1/G2/G3 GLONASS, B1/B2/B3 BDS, Galileo E1/E5/E6 38dB Antenna

    GNSS.STORE Surveying Antenna

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Testing Methodology

To ensure the accuracy and reliability of our findings, we conducted rigorous testing using a standardized methodology. The goal was to evaluate each GPS/GNSS antenna’s performance under controlled conditions. Here’s an overview of our testing approach:

1. Simultaneous Testing

We simultaneously tested all antennas, including the best performers, to eliminate environmental variables that could skew the results. This approach allowed for a direct comparison of their performance.

2. 24-Hour Evaluation

Each antenna underwent a 24-hour testing period to assess its stability and long-term performance. This duration provided insights into how the antennas maintained satellite connections over extended periods.

3. Sat Count Monitoring

For a week, we meticulously charted satellite counts for each antenna. This data allowed us to track the consistency of satellite acquisition and to identify potential variations.

4. Onocoy and Geodnet Testing

We evaluated the antennas on both Onocoy and Geodnet platforms to assess their compatibility and performance in different real-world scenarios.

Our testing methodology ensured that our results were based on comprehensive data, making our findings reliable and insightful for individuals seeking the best GPS/GNSS antennas for their specific needs.

The Beitian Challenge

Beitian BT-800D High Gain High Precision GPS/GNSS Antenna
  • Antenna: Beitian High Gain High Precision GPS/GNSS Antenna - $86
  • Challenges: Faced issues in L5 bands, limiting satellite acquisition.
  • Performance: Functionally acceptable but fell short compared to equivalents.
  • Value: A miss for Onocoy earnings and overall value.

Surveying Antennas: Overkill for Onocoy?

Ardusimple and GNSS.STORE Surveying Antennas

Best Overall: Hyfix and CSX627A


Conclusion: Geodnet Takes the Lead

  • Discovery: Geodnet / Hyfix offered the best value antenna from the start.
  • Top Value Performers: Multi-frequency High Precision Survey Antenna by Hyfix and HARXON CSX627A .
  • Top Performers: Ardusimple and GNSS.STORE .
  • Implication: Highlights the importance of hands-on testing and challenges assumptions about cost and quality.