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How to Bypass the BGW-320 and Using an Azores WAG-D20

Most people with fiber have two ways to connect to the internet - fiber to an ONT, Ethernet to a gateway or fiber directly to the gateway. In this article, we will focus on how to bypass the BGW-320 and use a COTS ONT made by Azores.

Technical Aspects

The Azores WAG-D20 is a XGS-PON ONU/ONT that comprises of a 10GE port along with a 2.5GE port even though it may be labeled on the device exterior as GE LAN. It may be acquired here .

Azores WAG-D20

Device Access

The default IP address of the device is and its Gateway address has a factory typo using a public IP address i.e. it shows instead of

Once it boots, you need to hit enter to get a login prompt on the TTL serial interface (115200 8N1). This device has an A/B image system with an overlay partition holding any files you customize.


  • admin/ADMIN123!@# - Administrator login for web GUI
  • Guest/welcome - Guest login
  • test/default - Factory login

Ethernet Interface

Connect your client to the 10G ethernet port and configure it with an address in the 192.168.1.x/24 network like -

Upon running a port scan from 1-65535, you will notice some open ports:

  • Ports 23 & 8009 - Telnet, requires login, runs the CLI application.
  • Port 10002 - Unknown
  • Port 80 - WebUI, only two functions

Customizing the ONT

A BGW-320

Now comes the important part i.e. changing some device info to make it compatible with your ISP’s network.

First, grab the following information from your ISP Gateway or ONT:

  1. ONT ID
  • ATT 020:
  1. MAC Address (From device label)
  2. Equipment ID
  • ATT BGW320-500 HUMAX: iONT320500G
  • ATT BGW320-505 NOKIA: iONT320505G
  • ATT 020: BVMGZ00BRAXS020XA
  1. Image Version
  • ATT 320: BGW320_3.21.4
  1. Hardware Version
  • HUMAX ATT 320: BGW320-500_2.1
  • NOKIA ATT 320: BGW320-505_2.2

Note: These are the OMCI values and not the ones from the web UI.

Telnet to your personal ONT (telnet, login as test using the default password and run the command ’test’ to drop into factory configuration mode.

Display the currently set values with the ‘show’ command:

  • show gpon mac
  • show sn
  • show equipment id

Once done, customize the settings with the following commands replacing x with your device values:

  • set gpon mac xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
  • set sn <insert ONT ID here>


  • set equipment id “iONT320500G”
  • config ONU-G_Version "BGW320-500_2.1”

For Nokia:

  • set equipment id “iONT320505G”
  • config ONU-G_Version "BGW320-505_2.2”

Note: The last two commands should be applied from telnet logged in as the test user.

Reboot and Enjoy True IP Passthrough

After customizing, reboot the ONT and enjoy true IP passthrough.

Troubleshooting and Additional Steps

For more information on this topic, please check out the 8311 discord or the notes provided on google docs .


By following these steps one can successfully bypass the BGW-320 and use COTS ONT made by Azores to connect to their ISP’s network. However, be careful while entering commands and make sure to replace ‘x’ with your device values correctly otherwise, you may face compatibility issues which may result in connection failures.