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Test script against windows docker container

For those who seek to minimize their Windows 10 and 11 installs.

Note: This script should work for most, if not all, systems without issue. While @SimeonOnSecurity creates, reviews, and tests each repo intensivly, we can not test every possible configuration nor does @SimeonOnSecurity take any responsibility for breaking your system. If something goes wrong, be prepared to submit an issue . Do not run this script if you don’t understand what it does.


Windows 10 and 11 is are invasive and insecure operating system out of the box. Organizations like Microsoft , , and others have recommended configuration changes to optimize and debloat the Windows 10 operating system. These changes are include blocking telemetry, deleting logs, and removing bloatware to name a few. This script aims to automate the configurations recommended by those organizations.


  • This script is designed for operation in primarily Personal Use environments.
  • This script is designed in such a way that the optimizations, unlike some other scripts, will not break core windows functionality.
  • Features like Windows Update, Windows Defender, the Windows Store, and Cortona have been restricted, but are not in a disfunctional state like most other Windows 10 Privacy scripts.
  • If you seek a minimized script targeted only to commercial environments, please see this GitHub Repository


  • Windows 10/11 Enterprise, Windows 10 Professional, or Windows 10 Home
    • Windows Home does not allow for GPO configurations.
      • Script will still work but not all settings will apply.
    • Windows “N” Editions are not tested.
    • Run the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant to update and verify latest major release.

Fixing Microsoft Account or Xbox Services:

This is because we block signing into microsoft accounts. Microsoft’s telemetry and identity association is frowned upon. However, if you still wish to use these services see the following issue tickets for the resolution:

A list of scripts and tools this collection utilizes:

Additional configurations were considered from:

How to run the script:

Automated Install:

The script may be launched from the extracted GitHub download like this:

iwr -useb ''|iex

Manual Install:

If manually downloaded, the script must be launched from an administrative powershell in the directory containing all the files from the GitHub Repository

The script “sos-optimize-windows.ps1” includes several parameters that allow for customization of the optimization process. Each parameter is a boolean value that defaults to true if not specified.

  • $cleargpos: Clears Group Policy Objects settings.
  • $installupdates: Installs updates to the system.
  • $removebloatware: Removes unnecessary programs and features from the system.
  • $disabletelemetry: Disables data collection and telemetry.
  • $privacy: Makes changes to improve privacy.
  • $imagecleanup: Cleans up unneeded files from the system.
  • $diskcompression: Compresses the system disk.
  • $updatemanagement: Changes the way updates are managed and improved on the system.
  • $sosbrowsers: Optimizes the system’s web browsers.

An example of how to launch the script with specific parameters would be:

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Force
Get-ChildItem -Recurse *.ps1 | Unblock-File
powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy ByPass -File .\sos-optimize-windows.ps1 -cleargpos:$false -installupdates:$false