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VirusTotal Scan

This script is a Windows PowerShell script that downloads and applies the “StevenBlack/hosts” file to the system’s “hosts” file, which can be used to block certain domains/websites by mapping them to an IP address of your choice (usually the IP address of the local machine). The script checks the internet connection and proxy settings, and tries downloading the latest version of the “hosts” file from two different sources: “" and “" . If the download fails, the script continues with a local copy of the “hosts” file. The script requires elevated privileges to run and modifies the “.NETFramework” registry key to use only the latest version of the .NET framework.

We are seeking all comments and concerns for this repo. Please submit an issue with any information you might have.

Lists Used:


Manual install:

The script may be launched from the extracted GitHub download like this:


Automated install:

Run the latest version of the script automatically:

iwr -useb '' | iex