SimeonOnSecurity is a highly accomplished IT professional with a strong focus on Cybersecurity and Privacy. With a career spanning several years, SimeonOnSecurity has demonstrated expertise in various domains, including auditing and compliance, automation, containerization, and digital forensics. Their experience extends to managing and securing complex networks, with a particular emphasis on DoD systems.

SimeonOnSecurity’s proficiency extends to a wide range of operating systems, including Windows and various Linux distributions. They are well-versed in scripting and programming languages such as PowerShell, Bash, C#, C++, Java, and Python, enabling them to develop and contribute to automation tools and scripts that enhance efficiency and productivity.

In the realm of Cybersecurity, SimeonOnSecurity’s skills encompass incident response, intrusion detection, threat intelligence, and risk analysis and mitigation. They hold certifications that validate their expertise, MCSA, CCNA, Certified Ethical Hacker, and various CompTIA certifications.

SimeonOnSecurity’s passion for knowledge sharing and mentoring is evident through their contributions to open-source projects, self-published educational materials, and the establishment of a mentoring organization for aspiring IT and Cybersecurity professionals. Their commitment to privacy and security is a driving force in their career, and their ability to create, implement, and manage robust security measures is a testament to their dedication.

SimeonOnSecurity’s experience as a Systems Administrator in various roles has allowed them to develop and implement security policies, conduct vulnerability assessments, and streamline processes using scripting tools like PowerShell and Bash. Their career journey includes valuable stints where they made significant contributions to cybersecurity and compliance.

In addition to their professional accomplishments, SimeonOnSecurity’s passion for technology extends to their hobbies, making them a self-proclaimed geek and nerd. Beyond work hours, they continue to explore and innovate in the world of IT and cybersecurity, contributing to the wider community and ensuring a secure and knowledgeable future for the industry.

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